Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Advancing Arkansas’ Creative Economy by uniting Aspiring Artists with the business of edutainment. 

On August 28, 2013, in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, (MOW) for Jobs and Freedom, the producers of the first MLK Holiday national tributes from Memphis, TN, including the opening tribute for the National Civil Rights Museum and one with the MLK Memorial will launch a national program from Arkansas for aspiring creative talents, The AR 1000. While millions will be reflecting on the past 50 years and others protesting and paying homage to the nation’s most famous dreamer, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on this day, Arkansas’ “now and next” generation of dreamers and visionaries will begin seeing their dreams made real. It was on this day in 1963 when King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech/prophecy. In tribute, a commemorative 50th Anniversary MOW Edutainment Voucher— “Give the Dream” is being released which provides registration and one free course to a new edutainment college for the aspiring creative talents.

The University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Economic Research and Development Center (UAPB-ERDC), is teaming up with The College of Aspiring Artists, (TCAA) and other networks with the new edutainment model to promote their services as well as higher education and career opportunities inside this creative populace.  

This model is unique, in that it is the only model that targets the ‘business’ of using aspiring artists’ talent as the business asset known as ‘intellectual property’. In this context, these assets and the artists’ skills are specifically developed for marketability and brand enhancement, employability, as well as business and wealth creation. Therefore, over the next four years, TCAA’s initiative, The AR 1000 will provide 1,000 students/artisans the opportunity to “earn while they learn” by utilizing this revolutionary business model to produce, promote and progress their creative careers, through a six-month, one and two-year incubation process.  Students can be dually enrolled in other colleges and earn degrees and professional creative economy certifications along the way.  

Who should come: Aspiring Visual/Performing/Spoken-Word/Culinary Artists, Dancers, Actors, Graphic/Fashion Designers, Writers/Publishers, Architects, Prophets, Visionaries, Cosmetologists, Creative Economy Stakeholders  

Why you should come: Come and learn about the process of monetizing your talents into a career. Enter to win vouchers/scholarships and register for the new edutainment program from TCAA Creative Economy Network. Persons desiring scholarships can submit a short essay/audition file or schedule a live audition.

The Happenings: August 28, 2013 — Time/Locations/Admission

Little Rock- 6am-8am: Mosaic Templars Cultural Center- Early morning panel discussion with live radio audience on race relations featuring local and national leaders projecting cultural competence—The next 50 years
Highlights from DC will be seen on the big screen along with reports from Arkansans who attended the 50th Anniversary 2013 MOW activities plus entertainment from saxophonist MARQUIS and other creative talents.

Pine Bluff- 11am-2pm: UAPB-ERDC, 615 Main Street- TCAA Creative Economy Overview from the edutainment experts with scholarship give-a-ways and the release of TCAA’s MOW 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edutainment Voucher. “The Art of Creativity” Business Salute to the MOW 50th Anniversary starts at 12noon. 

Cost:  Free Admission  Details/@